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Can Cervicogenic Headache be Bilateral?

Edition 27 – The Identity Crisis of Creeping Unilateral Head Pain

Walking past Watson’s office, Watson’s colleague notices the door is open.  “Do you have a moment, Watson?”  “Yes, of course.” “I know we have discussed your views of unilateral head pain and its behavior, but a colleague of mine has a bilateral headache, which he believes is coming from his neck. However, his doctor has

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Edition 26 – Manual Cervical Reproduction of Head Pain: Unattainable and a Declining Art?

Watson’s colleague was intrigued by their previous conversation. “You alluded to the crude, primitive techniques used to reproduce patients’ signature head pain.” The Frustration “Yes,” replies Watson, recognising that his colleague is in another searching mood, “essentially, the basis of my frustration is that a comprehensive diagnostic examination for CGH, a musculoskeletal condition, is being

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Edition 25 – Primary Headache Circa 2024

‘Happy New Year, Watson. Let’s toast 2024!’ They do so with their customary glass of 2012 Albert Bichot Cote de Nuits Villages Burgundy. In a vibrant, somewhat mischievous mood, Watson’s colleague ‘sticks his neck out’, “You are clearly frustrated with the medical model’s perspective of headache and migraine.  What would you like to see happen

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Edition 24 – ‘Cervicogenic Headache’: the Intellectual Straitjacket

“I know we are coming to the end of the year, but I want to raise cervicogenic headache (CGH),” requests Watson’s colleague.  “Arghhhh! I wish we could delete the label ‘CGH’,” exclaims Watson. “Why would you want that? It’s about the upper cervical spine and headache, right?” asks Watson’s colleague. “Well, the label ‘CGH’ is

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