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The ‘Dual Personality’ of Migraine

Introduction Migraine is a prevalent neurological condition that not only disrupts lives but also presents significant challenges in medical management. Understanding the pathophysiology of migraines, particularly the role of sensitisation of the trigeminocervical complex (TCC), is crucial for developing effective treatment strategies. This commentary delves into the intricacies of ‘centrally’ and ‘peripherally’ driven central sensitisation

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Side-locked Unilaterality: Cervicogenic or Another Secondary Headache?

Side-locked unilateral head pain is a key diagnostic criterion of Cervicogenic Headache (CGH). However, while this presentation characterises CGH, it is not confirmatory. There are medical conditions that manifest with unilateral side-locked headache. One of these conditions is Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA) or Temporal Arteritis.  For those who need to become more familiar with GCA…

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Alternating Unilateral Head Pain: The Elephant in the Room

  Indeed, this is the elephant in the room! A key diagnostic criterion for CGH is side-locked unilateral head pain, i.e. head pain always occurs exclusively on the same side, never the other.  This has been established by the medical model of headache, respectfully not fully au fait with musculoskeletal medicine. In my experience, whilst

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Cervicogenic Headache: Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride

Introduction: This article summarises the medical model’s contemporary perspective of Cervicogenic Headache (CGH) and discusses some factors contributing to the reported low prevalence of CGH.   Cervicogenic Headache, a nuanced subset within the headache spectrum, is surprisingly reported less frequently, ranging from 0.1–4.1 per cent depending on which CGH diagnostic criteria are used1-4 (at this

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C2-3 The Most Common Source Of Headache

Headache Was Alleviated In 75 Percent of Patients Analysing diagnostic blocks in 166 patients fulfilling diagnostic criteria for Cervicogenic Headache I have been consulting exclusively those with chronic headache/migraine for the past 30 years i.e. 33000 hours of clinical experience with over 8300 patients. The Watson Headache® Approach, which I have been teaching internationally since

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Misconception 6 of 10

Examining Upper Cervical Segments That reproduction of headache when examining upper cervical segments confirms cervicogenic relevancy – wrong! Whilst reproduction of typical symptoms does not confirm relevancy, if this occurs, one can be very, very, suspicious of cervical involvement. However, there are situations in which reproduction is possible and the source is not the upper

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