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Managing Relevant Neck Disorders in Headache and Migraine For Individuals Living With Headache and Migraine

Now recognised nationally and internationally, the Watson Headache® Clinic, established in 1991, was the first dedicated headache clinic in Australia focusing on the management of neck disorders in headache and migraine.

Welcome to a new, research based and often overlooked perspective of management for those experiencing or affected by headache or migraine.

Dean Watson explains how assessing and managing the upper neck helps support the management of headache and migraine.

Providing a Specific, Skilled and Advanced Examination and Treatment of the Upper Neck for those Experiencing Headache and Migraine has been my goal since 1991, when I established the Watson Headache® Clinic (formerly The Headache Clinic) in Adelaide, South Australia.

And, I am still consulting, despite my increasing teaching and research commitment, because… the buzz I get changing people’s lives is a privilege!

The Clinic is now recognized nationally and internationally, attracting headache and migraine sufferers from the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand and Asia. Furthermore, because of the Clinic’s international status, health professionals from around the globe often visit to observe the Watson Headache® Clinic’s programs.

To claim that everybody achieves a successful outcome would be misleading. However, surveys have shown that the significant majority (around 80 percent) of those attending the Watson Headache® Clinic, report 80 percent improvement or more.  Importantly, this improvement continued for at least 12 months after attending ceased.

Not surprisingly, I examine and manage the upper neck using the principles of the Watson Headache® Approach, the Approach I have developed over 25 years i.e. 24000 hours of exclusive clinical experience with over 8000 Headache and Migraine sufferers.

Initial Consultation

The purpose of the initial examination is to demonstrate to you that a disorder in your upper neck is responsible for your Headache or Migraine.

The most powerful connection is temporary reproduction (and easing) of familiar head pain when examining the movements of the upper 3 joints in your neck – moving the joints with slow, smooth, sustained thumb pressure and in way they are designed to move – no cracking!

Then, using the techniques in a systematic way I can determine exactly the joints involved – there is no guesswork.

Subsequent Consultations

Appreciable changes in your Headache or Migraine need to be evident within 4-5 subsequent treatments – 80% of patients report significant improvement in this time. Without positive changes, ongoing treatment cannot be justified.

To optimise the chances of improvement, initially treatments need to be close together and experience indicates that four treatments spread equally over two weeks is optimal.

If improvement has occurred, then treatment continues with increasing intervals between the next two-three treatments – it is important to keep the momentum going.

Common-sense expectation is that the longer you have been experiencing headache or migraine the more treatment is required – this is not the case.

Irrespective of whether you have been experiencing Headache or Migraine for 30 years or 12 months, appreciable improvement is expected within 4-5 treatments.

However, whilst the Watson Headache® Approach is recognised as a powerful Approach, providing the most advanced techniques to correct the disorder does not necessarily guarantee a successful outcome – the outcome can be affected by other factors.

Preventing Recurrence

Research has shown that spinal issues, often recur and if in the upper cervical spine, recurrence of Headache or Migraine.

Preventing recurrence post treatment is therefore more important than supplying short-term relief through ‘hands on’ treatment – ongoing attendance to maintain improvement is actively discouraged – your assistance is required! For example, sustained head / neck postures (particularly) neck flexion or forward bending of the head.

Research has shown that that in these positions the weight of the head on the neck increases from 5.4kg to27.2 kg – and head and / or neck trauma or these postures place significant stress on the upper cervical spine!

Therefore, an uncomplicated exercise program along with identification and modification of any headache contributing postures and lifestyle activities often complement the precise techniques of the Watson Headache® Approach. 

Will This Approach Work For You?

The Origin Of Your Headache

Get a neck assessment to discover where your headache or migraine is coming from
After years of numerous tests and guesswork, the relief of knowing where your headache or migraine is coming from is immense, and potentially life-changing.  This is unmistakeable during this convincing, scientifically validated, initial examination.

A Medication Free Approach

Improvement can be expected within 4-5 treatments
With this medication-free approach, improvement is expected within 4-5 treatments. If not, treatment is discontinued. Over 80 percent of clients report 80 percent improvement or more, even if their headache or migraine has plagued them for 20 years!

Long Term Success

Long term improvement without the need for ongoing treatment or medication
Whilst we cannot guarantee successful outcomes for everyone, we know that the vast majority experience  significant reduction, if not totally resolved, in their recurring headache or migraine long term.

Your Treatment

A Complimentary Guide For Those Living With Headache Or Migraine

How To Find A Solution To Headache and Migraine!

In this guide Dean outlines the one feature that may be the reason why your headache and migraine treatment isn’t working and how the Watson Headache® Approach can help.
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How To Book An Appointment

It is likely that if you are visiting this page you are living with  headache or migraine, or perhaps a family member, friend, colleague, employer is and you are seeking to help them in some way.

The Watson Headache Clinic, located in Adelaide is recognized nationally and internationally, attracting those experiencing headache and migraine from the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand and Asia.

Furthermore, because of the Clinic’s international status, health professionals from around the globe often visit to to observe the Watson Headache Clinic’s programs.

Our motivation at the Watson Headache Clinic is simple...
providing the most skilled, advanced examination and treatment of the upper neck for those afflicted by headache and migraine.

Whilst we would like to claim that everybody achieves a successful outcome (that would be reprehensible), our experience shows us that the significant majority (80 percent) of those attending the Watson Headache Clinic, report 80 percent improvement or more.

In addition, this improvement has continued for at least 12 months after attending ceased.

Watson Headache® Clinic - Adelaide

Dr Dean Watson PhD founded The Headache Clinic in Adelaide in 1991 renaming it 20 years later.

With a new name the Watson Headache Clinic was established in Hindmarsh Square in 2011.

Dean consults in Adelaide on a limited basis due to teaching, writing  and research Commitments.

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