Newsletter – OC3 in Headache Matters

Edition 3 – Central Sensitisation: Centrally or Peripherally Driven?

As I discussed in Edition 2 ‘OC3 in Headache Matters, the TCC is recognised as the relay centre for all things headache and migraine, and there is a general consensus that central sensitisation (CS) of the Trigeminocervical Complex (TCC) is the underlying mechanism in headache and migraine conditions. Furthermore, it is recognised that CS of

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Why Does 0C3 in Headache Matters... Matter?

Edition 1 – Why Does ‘0C3 in Headache Matters’… Matter?

Firstly, ‘0C3’ is a comprehensive term encompassing the spinal segments from C0 to C1, C1 to C2, and C2 to C3, as well as the afferents from C1 to C3. As practitioners focused on providing effective care, it’s crucial to understand the significance of ‘0C3’ in the context of headache assessment and management. Why? Because

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