Newsletter – OC3 in Headache Matters

Edition 7 – At Last… Making Some Headway

At morning tea, Watson is eager to delve into the issue of disharmony arising from suboptimal performance of the braking mechanisms – either CPM, DNICs, or Serotonin (city dwellers), leading to a state of centrally driven Central Sensitization (CS). The neuroscientist, growing somewhat frustrated, reiterates that the research concerning headache and migraine is equivocal. Some

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Edition 6 – A Neuroscience Lesson Before Morning Tea

At the end of the evening, Watson and his research colleague had arrived at a restrained impasse (see Edition 5). Therefore, it was agreed that they discuss their thoughts with another researcher in the adjacent lab. A Prominent Neuroscientist and Researcher The next morning Watson and colleague wandered into the research lab next door. They introduced

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Edition 5 – Woah! Disharmony At The Primary Headache Dinner Party

Welcome back to the ‘dinner party’ (introduced in Edition 4), where after a harmonious start, some discord between the guests – DINCs, CPM and Serotonin – from ‘downtown’ (CNS), who are working hard to keep the peace, and Trigeminal Afferents and Cervical Afferents, the ‘out of towners’ (PNS), who can be, well… let’s say a

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Edition 4 – The Primary Headache ‘Dinner Party’

After delving into the complexities of centrally driven versus peripherally driven central sensitization within the Trigeminocervical Complex (TCC), I would like to invite you to a dinner party – well, not exactly – let’s just observe the interactions between very influential invited guests. Seated at the table – the TCC – are five prominent guests,

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