Commentary - Misconception 1 of 10

Misconception 1 of 10

Upper Cervicogenic Dysfunction That (upper) cervicogenic dysfunction does not play a causal role in primary headache (i.e. migraine, tension and cluster headache, hemicrania continua, menstrual migraine etc) syndromes – wrong! Research continues to support the concept that the many and varied forms of headache and migraine1-7 – migraine, tension-type headache, cluster headache (that takes care

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Commentary -The General Practitioner

The General Practitioner

And Cervicogenic Headache A recent (and frequent) query from a colleague(s): “I wonder if general practitioners are aware of that (i.e. the natural progression of cervicogenic (neck) headache… If it is left untreated, cervicogenic headache becomes more frequent, more severe, requiring stronger and stronger medication, and eventually becomes continuous see Cervicogenic Management Decreases Migraine Progression). I

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Commentary - Medical Diagnosis

Medical Diagnosis

When Managing Headache and Migraine A colleague recently sought to question some of my criticism of medical diagnosis in migraine, see Commentary for Health Professionals, ‘Managing Headache and Migraine: Why Treatment Often Fails‘. My thoughts on my colleague’s comments/queries (in bold italics) follow. Yes there is no test for migraine so the diagnosis is based

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Cervicogenic Headache

Questions and Answers Question: In your view, if what appears to be a classical right C2,3 cervicogenic headache and it responds to a Triptan, is the diagnosis CxHA or migraine? Answer: My understanding of CxHA is where (secondary to) a disorder in the upper cervical spine is misinterpreted as residing in the trigeminal field and

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Commentary -The Periaqueductal Grey

The Periaqueductal Grey

Is It The Lone Ranger? The periaqueductal grey (PAG) also known as the ‘central grey’ is the primary control centre for descending pain modulation i.e. suppression of pain. So I get that dimunition of the PAG influence could be involved in migraine.  What I don’t get is that this central, supra spinal influence (if) acting

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Murdoch University Research

At last… PhD completed! This has been brewing for 25 years… life’s ongoing journey! In the early nineties, the clinical phenomenon of reproducing and resolution of typical head pain when examining O-C3 spinal segmental movements intrigued me. I was sustaining techniques because I thought I needed to remodel soft tissue, but research indicates that it

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Watson Headache
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