Cause of Headache and Migraine

An Underlying Disorder What else can I say but… there are those who are innately intuitive. Considering the cause of headache and migraine, I have just come across a gentleman(1) who in 1888 described the migraine process in this way: “… we must not ascribe too much significance to throbbing of the increase in the

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Why It’s Not About Hormones!

Some Menstrual Migraine Facts Migraine is the second most common headache condition next to Tension-type Headache.  Up to one fourth of all women have migraine, and of those, 60% experience migraine without aura episodes in at least two thirds of their menstrual cycles.  Menstrual Migraine is in the top five disabling conditions for women and

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Managing Headache and Migraine

Why Treatment Often Fails Several authorities recently summarised the reasons why headache and migraine treatment often fails. Amongst other things, they suggested that the diagnosis is incomplete or incorrect and that this could occur for various reasons. One of the reasons is ‘misdiagnosis’. I have mentioned this research before but diagnosing headache and migraine is like

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Watson Headache
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