Headache and Migraine The Problem, Evidence and a Solution

The Problem, Evidence and a Solution When Treating Headache and Migraine

Acheiving Successful Headache and Migraine Treatment Outcomes

For 25 years Dean Watson has treated headache and migraine exclusively. He has come to recognise that disorders of the upper neck are significantly underestimated as the cause of many different forms of headache and migraine. In fact the vast majority (80 per cent) of patients attending the Watson Headache Clinic (formerly The Headache Clinic) have reported (12 months after treatment had ceased) at least 80 percent improvement in their headache or migraine.

Access To A Skilled Examination of  The Upper Neck

The aforementioned groundbreaking studies further our mission, which is, “a skilled examination of the upper neck becomes an accepted, routine, credible step when investigating the cause of headache and migraine conditions.

One way to skilfully examine the upper neck is by using the Watson Headache Approach, a precise and scientifically validated protocol.  The Approach consists of a series of techniques which when applied systematically will confirm or rule out upper neck disorders as the causative factor of sensitisation of the brainstem, the underlying disorder in headache and migraine conditions.


Watson Headache
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