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Educating About the Role of Neck Disorders in Headache and Migraine For Individuals Living With Headache and Migraine

Watson Headache® Institute has provided education for individuals along with delivered continuing professional development programs (on/offline courses and symposia) to health professionals (manual therapists) in over 25 countries.

Examination of the Neck

The medical model of headache and migraine does not consider abnormalities of the upper neck to play a causal role in headache and migraine conditions.

Furthermore the model has demonstrated little action in exploring this as an option.

It is essential that all factors, which have the potential to sensitise the Brainstem (the underlying disorder in Headache and Migraine conditions) be investigated equally.

Currently this is not the situation – the neck is largely ignored.

Consequently, examination of the neck is not considered an option.

Therefore, a valid alternative (to medication) for those affected by headache or migraine is not offered.

Considering All Possibilities

This is difficult to understand, for elementary neuro anatomy and research has shown that disorders in the upper neck can sensitise the Brainstem, the underlying disorder in migraine and other forms of headache.

To not consider all possibilities is at best ignorance, and at worst, irresponsible.

The role of the Watson Headache® Institute is to provide current, unbiased, balanced information – free of medical jargon, so that those living with headache and migraine can make informed choices about assessment, treatment and management of their headache or migraine.

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