Practitioner Directory Terms and Conditions for People Living With Headache

Practitioner Directory Disclaimer and Terms of Use For the Public

This Directory Disclaimer and Terms of Use is taken as accepted by you on using the Directory.

Your use of this Practitioner Directory is governed by the Disclaimer in this paragraph as well as the Terms and Conditions of the website of the Watson Headache Institute Pty Ltd. The Directory is provided for general information purposes only, and use of it is subject to the limitations set out in this Disclaimer. In accepting listings into the Directory, the Institute only verifies that the listed practitioner’s name and practice address match with the Institute’s records indicating that the practitioner has completed one of the Institute’s continuing professional development courses. Those courses are named Level 1 Foundation, Level 2 Consolidation and Level 3 Certification courses and Clinical Facilitator Program. However, the Institute: (a) does not recommend, endorse, warrant or guarantee the information in the Directory or the services of the listed practitioners in the Directory; (b) makes no representation as to the competence of any practitioner, individual or organisation listed in the Directory; (c) is not financially or managerially associated with any of the listed practitioners or their organisations or places of employment or business; and (d) accepts no responsibility or liability for any patient assessment and management (including treatment) by any listed practitioner or his or her associated organisation or personnel or their education or business practices.

Watson Headache® – Revised 1st March 2024

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