Neck Stiffness, Discomfort or Pain

Is Your Headache or Migraine Preceded or Accompanied by These Symptoms? If so, this is a strong indicator that your neck is involved. Although neck pain is common in the general population it is even more common headache and migraine patients. In a study of migraine and tension headache patients, 76% and 89% respectively reported

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Headache and Migraine Frequency

Has There Been a Gradual Increase Over the Years? If yes, this is a clear indicator that your neck is involved. A gradual (as distinct from a sudden, recent) increase in headache or migraine frequency indicates that a neck disorder (usually stiffness of one or more of then top three spinal segments) is worsening, resulting

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Headache and Migraine Area of Pain

Where do You Feel the Pain of Your Headache or Migraine? This is a really important question for us because the area of your headache or migraine can give us a really strong indication as to which spinal segment is primarily responsible for your head pain. For example if the pain of your headache or

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Misconception 4 of 10

Yellow Flags Focus on yellow flags. No, achieve a positive outcome and they miraculously disappear! There is too much emphasis on Yellow Flags; perhaps we need to face an unpalatable thought … instead of blaming the patient’s ‘depression’, beliefs, social or vocational situation, stress etc. for lack of progress it is because of our lack

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One Sided Headache or Migraine Pain

Is your headache or migraine one sided? If yes, is it always on the same side or can it swap sides? For example, if your headache or migraine is on the right on one occasion, can it be on the left on the next occasion? If yes, is it always on the same side or

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Commentary - Greater Occipital Nerve

Greater Occipital Nerve

And Primary Headache Because primary headache often includes pain in the back of the head, anaesthetic blockade of the greater occipital nerve (GON) has become an increasingly common practice,1 despite denunciation of its value on the basis that it supplies only the skin, muscles and vessels of the scalp which are not established sources of

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