Level 2 Consolidation Course Adelaide

Level 2 Consolidation Headache Course: In-Person

'Cervicogenic Headache & The Role Of C1-C3 Cervical Afferents In Primary Headache: OK... I Have Found the Segments Involved - What Next?

3 Days Of Continuing Professional Development For Manual Therapists

Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths And Manual Medicine Doctors
25% Theory & 75% Practicum

Course Pre Requisites: 

a) Graduate of a Tertiary Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy Course

b) Holder of Professional Indemnity Insurance

c) Use Manual (palpation) skills in current clinical context

d) Fluent in English

e) Acknowledgment of the ‘Intellectual Property Notice’ Document see


f) Acknowledgment of the course ‘Conditions of Use’ Document see


g) Signed Agreement (before the start of the course) to the ‘Intellectual Property Notice’ and ‘Conditions of Use Document’

h) 3 - 6 months since attending the Level 1 Foundation Course. 

So that we can support you, should you have any queries about any of the outlined points in these documents please forward a separate email advising this to jane[@]watsonheadache.com.

Consolidate your clinical reasoning with:

Interaction: To promote comprehensive discussion bring questions and your experiences with patients since Level 1 and take full advantage of Dean's unparalleled experience.

Understanding: Know why, in the event of an adverse reaction, it occurred and ... how to deal with it!

Confidence: Increase confidence in your choice of treatment direction and technique. No more uncertainty.

Clarity: Develop clarity around un-resolving (as the technique is sustained) headache and how you can still achieve a positive result even though headache reproduction remains unchanged.

Realisation: Your already improved outcomes will be significantly progressed because you will realise the importance of 'Battle 1' versus 'Battle 2'. Be able to identify why progress is not as it should be.

Application: Dean's role is to facilitate and accelerate your progress... this is done through your participation in the examination of 4-6 patients.



Promotion post course: 

You will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the conclusion of this course and this will enable you to promote yourself as having attended the Level 2 Watson Headache® Consolidation Course.  The Watson Headache® Institute will direct you in this regard, using the ‘Marketing Permission Given to Course Attendees’, whilst acknowledging the Watson Headache® Institute's intellectual property (including trademarks) and copyright rights. You do not have permission to create a title for yourself using the words Watson or Watson Headache®.

Course Participant Feedback:

I Was Sold on the Watson Headache® Approach after treating my first patient following the completion of the Level 1 Foundation Course. When a lady, with a 20 year history of weekly migraine, living on strong medication, with 10 days of her month ruined by intense headache, said that she has been headache free for 6 months, I sat up and took notice. I have since successfully treated many more headache sufferers. I have been surprised by just how many headache symptoms have a cervicogenic component.

I have recently completed the Level 2 Consolidation Course. This brought more clarity to my clinical reasoning. I feel I will now be more efficient when treating future headache patients. The division of Dean’s approach into staged “Battles” also really helped organise my assessment strategy.

The Level 1 when combined with the Level 2 gives the practitioner a powerful and clear strategy for headache management. There are very few courses I have completed that have changed my practice to the extent that I can make such a remarkable difference to the lives of patients.

ANDY MILNER PCRF Team Manager - Portsmouth,United Kingdom

Watson Headache® International Community:

Once you attend one of the Watson Headache® Institute's courses you join the Watson Headache® International Community of ...

  • approximately 2,800 course attendees and
  • the many people with headache and/or migraine who have sought the help of health professionals (physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and manual therapy doctors) who have attended one or more of the Watson Headache® Institute’s courses.

Thank you for your interest in headache and migraine: 

We hope you can join us on this course or a course in the near future.

The Watson Headache® Institute’s courses fill quickly so register now to avoid disappointment.

*1.  Payment Options:

You can take advantage of the following Payment Options if you have previously expressed interest in the Level 2 Consolidation Headache Course or register within the advised timelines. We review our fees annually and if there is to be an adjustment it will take place in the new financial year.

Option 1: Priority Registration Fee AU$1,497 (Saving of $200 off the Standard Fee AU$1,697) Payment in Full at time of Registration, by four weeks before the course start date.

Option 2: 2 Part Payment Plan AU$1,597 (Saving of $100 off the Standard Fee AU$1,697) One payment of $798.50 - at the time of registration and one payment of  $798.50 - 30 days later, Payment in Full one week before the course start date.

Option 3: Standard Registration AU$1,697 Payment in Full at time of Registration between two weeks and one week before the course start date.

Where a course is hosted by a 3rd party, the course fees are set by the course host. The Watson Headache® Institute is not responsible for any variance compared with its fee structure.

 Level 2 Consolidation Course Program:


8.30     Registration

9.00     Revision and consolidation of examination and treatment

i) examination and treatment concepts

ii) clinical reasoning and manual techniques

2.00     2 Patients, one to progress to subsequent)

5.00      Conclusion Day 1


8.30     Welcome Day 2

9.00     Practicum

1.00      Practicum

3.30     Discussion, Questions, Summary

5.00     Conclusion Day 2



8.30     Welcome Day 3

9.00     3 Patients (one progression to subsequent)

1.00      Practicum

3.30     Discussion, Questions, Summary

4.00     Conclusion Day 3

The Program may be adjusted at the discretion

of the presenter to accommodate the course


Watson Headache
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