Examining the Upper Cervical Spine

In Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias

It is refreshing to come across a case study which supports my clinical experience.

This study1 describes a woman with a cluster-like pattern of presumably [R] side-locked face and neck pain with associated periorbital and mandibular swelling, tearing, conjunctival injection, and allodynia which was ameliorated by third occipital nerve lesioning – the C2-3 facet joint.

The authors conclude ‘It represents a unique proof of principle in that not only trigeminal nerve pain but also presumed neurogenic inflammation can be relieved by blockade of cervical nociceptive inputs. Further investigation into shared mechanisms of headache pathogenesis is warranted.’

Furthermore, cluster headache (CH) is considered a unilateral headache2 (although there are exceptions3) and CH is second only to migraine in terms of alternation4,5 and we know what alternating unilaterality means… (?), I rest my case.

Of course, the sceptics will say, a TAC diagnosis must be incorrect because it responded to specific cervical intervention and cervical afferents are not involved. How can they it not be? Just refer to elementary neuroanatomy.

Clearly, the upper cervical spine needs to be skillfully examined for cervical relevancy in the TAC group of headaches.


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