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Commentary - Is There An Imposter In Migraine

Is There An Imposter In Migraine?

The Accompanying Neck Pain The findings and subsequent assumption from a recent observational Italian study,1 ‘When cervical pain is actually migraine: An observational study in 207 patients.’, challenge basic neuro/anatomical/physiological principles. This survey sought to assign a headache diagnosis to a cohort of 132 participants who had self-diagnosed their headache as being of cervical in origin.

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Murdoch University Research

At last… PhD completed! This has been brewing for 25 years… life’s ongoing journey! In the early nineties, the clinical phenomenon of reproducing and resolution of typical head pain when examining O-C3 spinal segmental movements intrigued me. I was sustaining techniques because I thought I needed to remodel soft tissue, but research indicates that it

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Diagnosing Headache and Migraine

A Dog’s Breakfast Q. What do diagnosing headache and migraine and a dog’s breakfast have in common? A. It’s all over the place! Diagnosing headache and migraine and associated challenges are expressed in a recent article by Sun-Edelstein et al 2008. Since the diagnostic classification was published, there have been many attempts to confirm or otherwise

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Beware of What is Lurking Below

When Determining Headache Causes A fascinating piece of research clearly indicates that one needs to be aware of what is lurking below when determining causes of Cluster Headache, Migraine, Tension Headache, Menstrual Migraine and Hemicrania Continua. Recent research has shown convincingly that migraine and other headache ‘conditions’ share a common disorder i.e., (‘central’) sensitisation of

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Watson Headache
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